The Last Mustang

A hopeless fight

In spring 2008 I went to the US to gather information for a book I was working on: „The last Mustang“. A book about the history of the American Wild Horses and their current situation. (That’s where I met Tony Stromberg by the way.) The book was published in 2009 and the second editon is still available.

When I went to talk to the Wild horse advocats, the farmers, the BLM-representatives and lots of other people who were involved one way or the other, I had no idea how bad the situation for the wild ones really was. And it didn’t get any better. The cruel round-ups still take place, the farmers still do everthing to get rid of them and on top of everything the new US administration gives away the land they are living on to mining companies. Not that former governments really took care of the Wild Horses, but at least they pretented to and kept a certain standard. These days are over.

The few Wild Horse advocats fight a hopeless fight and the organizations who could do a lot if they acted as one, keep fighting each other instead. Meanwhile many of the horses who have spent years in so called long-term holding facilities and have not bern adopted end their lives in slaughterhouses.

I’ve watched one of these documentaries taken by animal rights activists that show how horses are transported to the slaughterhouse, separated, killed and I decided that I will raise my voice against this until my last day.

Greed and ignorance

I went with them, days and days. I slept on the ground, surrounded by them. They accepted me and protected me. My heart broke when I had to leave them. Wild Horses – like all horses – are highly intelligent, have very fine communication skills and depend more on social bonds than most other mammals. Stallions separated from their mares and foals even brake through iron bars, jump incredible hights and sometimes even prefer to die instead of living alone. Humans don’t take care of this. For most, they’re only animals, worth less than us and with no ability for deep feelings.

I’m afraid it’s too late for the Wild Horses in the US. Greed and ignorance – a dangerous combination – will destroy them and their habitat until one day The Last Mustang will be killed.

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