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Every year we are looking for new locations, for new adventures. And sometimes we are lucky and the location finds us. This happened when Charlotte Venema, a German photographer, contacted us a few months ago and suggested to do a workshop in Sardinia together. To be honest: We have never been to the island and never heard of horses to photograph there. But Charlotte knew better.

The high plains of Sardinia are home to a herd of  wild horses, that learned to survive under very difficult cirsumstances on the high plateau. There is very limited access to water and specially in summer the horses have to manage under harsh conditions. But like everywhere in the world, even in the driest deserts, they succeeded.


Later this year we will go to Sardinia for scouting. We are well aware, that a workshop on Sardinia can not only be about horses. There is way more to see and way more to photograph. In the small villages on and around the high plateau times seem to stand still. Away from the tourist industry at the beaches, the Sardinians have kept their way of life as it was for hundreds of years. It’s easy going, simple and straight forward. It is actually the way we like it.The landscape in the mountains is stunning. It’s far from being lovely or sweet. It’s meager, it’s sharp and clear – and the character of the people developed accordingly.

The perfect match

The workshop will be lead by Charlotte. Her idea, that we happily adopted, was to do a workshop not for professionals, but for ordinary people who love to photograph, who are eager to find new motifs and are ready for a bit of adventure and experiment. Charlotte is the perfect match for you to teach, if you are such a person. You will come home with loads of images with an exquisit quality that you had never dreamed of.

If you are ready for the next step, follow us here or let us know if you are already interested in this trip. We will keep you posted.

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    11/26/2018 7:34 am

    Very interested in Sardinia 2019. Please fwd info when it is available.

    • Peter Clotten
      11/27/2018 9:38 am

      Hi Maura,

      thanks for your interest in Sardinia.
      We have been scouting there and the programm is set. As soon we have fixed dates, we will inform you.
      Please check also on our website.


  • Bernice Fargus
    11/06/2019 2:27 am

    Very interested in Sardinia 2020

    • Peter Clotten
      11/06/2019 6:21 am

      unfortunately there are not many people interested in this trip. We decided to wait until mid-december to see if we can make it happen with the minimum number of participants. We will let you know then immediately.

      You can also check on our website


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