My favorite Portuguese breeding

Beauty, strength, grace – speed, power and endurance

The best about Portugal are the horses. The Lusitano horse became my favorite breed. I think they are everything you can probably expect. And more. Beauty, strength, grace – speed, power and endurance. The Lusitano is closely related to the Andalusian and the Berber. They are famous for their courage, agility and their ability to learn. The Lusitano is also successful in international equestrian sport. They are expressive and some are great movers.

Almost every year we go to Coudelaria Vila Vicosa in the East of the Alentejo to meet the German breeder Thomas Kleba and his manager Pedro Azeitona at their beautiful studfarm with its many acres of pastures full of cork-trees. In the early morning the fragile light covers the mares and their foals with a whiff of mellow yellow while in the late afternoon the same sun spills its soft and warm colours over the stallions in front of our legendary white wall. Coudelaria Vila Vicosa was one of the best locations for our portuguese workshops so far. We always had a wonderful time there.

A few more words about Portugal: It is perfect in almost every aspect. The food is awesome, people are open, friendly and helpful. Life is laidback in the very west of Europe. As long as we are welcome we will always go back.

We look forward to our next visit!

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