Destinations Overview

In addition to the trips listed here you will find our upcoming projects here, which are still in the planning phase.

Black and white picture of a beautiful horse with a long mane.


Allstar Workshop | May 2020 | Just 4390 EUR
Member of the Dukha tribe with a reindeer at our photo travel.


Photo Travel with Bayar Balgantseren | July 2019 | From 3200 EUR
A man with a weather-beaten face and deep, dark eyes looks straight into the camera. A black and white portrait shot.


Photo Travel with Mustafa Meskine | Oct 2019 | Just 2990 EUR |
Niklas Moeller in an ice cave in preparation for the 28peaks Iceland Tour 2020.


Photo Workshop | Jan 2020 | Just 2490 EUR
A Giara foal is whipped by the wind and grazes in Nuraghi volcanic plateau in the middle of Sardinia.


Photo Travel | May 2019 | Just 1960 EUR