White lusitano horse in the red light of the evening sun.

Tony Stromberg Equine Photography Workshop Portugal 2019

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Something new Since 2013 we are going to Portugal with Tony and we never get tired of it. This time we had to find many new locations. We wanted to give the people we are working with for so many years a break. Also, the number of photo workshops in Portugal has increased a lot.…
Sardinia ferry leaves the port.

Sardinia 2020

New adventures Every year we are looking for new locations, for new adventures. And sometimes we are lucky and the location finds us. This happened when Charlotte Venema, a German photographer, contacted us a few months ago and suggested to do a workshop in Sardinia together. To be honest: We have never been to the…
A section of a map shows the Pyrenees.

Pyrenees 2019

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Transhumance Do you know what a transhumance is? It is when herds of animals or cattle come together to move from one place to another. In our case it is when the breeders of the fabulous black Merens horses in the French Pyrenees get their horses down from the high mountains into the safe valleys…
The mane of a proud, white horse blows in the wind.

AllStar-Photo Workshop in Portugal

We do it again! This time in Portugal! The All-Star-Workshop 2020 is gaining structure. We are proud and happy to announce that Tony Stromberg will be again with us. Together with Rita Fernandes from Portugal and Wojtek Kwiatkowski from Poland he will offer you a fascinating week of photographing the most beautiful Lusitanos of Portugal.…
The dark shadow of many horses in yellow / brown sand dust.

The Last Mustang

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A hopeless fight In spring 2008 I went to the US to gather information for a book I was working on: „The last Mustang“. A book about the history of the American Wild Horses and their current situation. (That’s where I met Tony Stromberg by the way.) The book was published in 2009 and the…

If you are into horses, Portugal is your country

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Many breeders I guess nowhere in the world are so many breeders in such a small area. And they all know what they are doing. The results are fabulous. We make this tour since 2012 annually. Lusitano horses for me are the most beautiful, the most perfect horses. They are well tempered, well behaved, very attached…
A group photo during our photgraphy workshop in Portugal.

My favorite Portuguese breeding

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Beauty, strength, grace – speed, power and endurance The best about Portugal are the horses. The Lusitano horse became my favorite breed. I think they are everything you can probably expect. And more. Beauty, strength, grace – speed, power and endurance. The Lusitano is closely related to the Andalusian and the Berber. They are famous for their…